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At Lecker's we have paints specially indicated for the protection and painting of industrial, agricultural and mining machinery, metallic constructions, engines, etc.

Para darle un mejor aspecto a la maquinaria industrial, realizar su pintado se convierte en una parte fundamental. Sin embargo, es importante tener en cuenta que no todas las pinturas pueden cumplir con unas buenas resistencias mecánicas, químicas y unos buenos acabados.

La experiencia de más de 40 años sobre el pintado de la maquinaria industrial nos permite dar una información fundada en hechos. En España siempre se ha fabricado maquinaria de gran calidad, robusta y duradera, pero con unos acabados poco elaborados que ofrecían un aspecto poco atractivo. Sin embargo la maquinaria extranjera con unos buenos acabados de pintura hizo que los compradores se inclinaran por ese tipo de maquinaria.

A pesar de la increíble calidad de la maquinaria, la pintura no ofrecía tan buenos acabados. Hoy en día, es tan importante el aspecto de la maquinaria como su funcionamiento.

Therefore, painting industrial machinery adds value to your products. Many industrial machinery products need a coating for a more pleasant, attractive and visual appearance to the end users.

If you want to achieve a better presence of the machinery or get some of its components or parts have a greater durability, it is best to proceed to paint the machinery with the most appropriate paints.

Eligiendo los productos más adecuados según la finalidad y utilizando la técnica más recomendada, el pintado de la maquinaria conseguirá proteger y ofrecer un atractivo aspecto final. Por ejemplo: protegerlo contra la corrosión, resistir altas temperaturas, acidos, … Vamos a ver qué tipos de productos puedes utilizar y qué propiedades te aportan.

Types of paint for industrial machinery 

Paints for the metal industry

Specific industrial paints for painting industrial machinery and all types of new or maintenance metal parts.

Corrosion protection processes

In corrosion protection processes there are processes subject to certain regulations in order to be able to measure the degree of protection according to the needs or requirements that are needed.

Enamels suitable for industrial painting

In addition, as we explained at the beginning, not all products are suitable. Among the possibilities that you can find, there are one-component and two-component finished enamel paints.

Glazes finished one component. This type of glazes are usually the most economical, do not have high resistance, or hardness, but if a good appearance, a good finish. Within those of a component they are found:

  • PRIMACRIC 10. It is a fast drying, air-drying synthetic enamel. You will find it in any colour of the Ral NCS chart, or according to sample, in gloss, satin and matt.

Finished two-component glazes. These products are distinguished by their high mechanical and chemical resistance as well as an excellent appearance of finish providing a higher quality.

  • PRIMACRIC 20. It's a two-component, aliphatic, polyurethane enamel. They offer greater resistance to solar U.V. and a resistant and elegant finish. They are manufactured in any colour of the Ral NCS chart, or according to sample, in gloss, satin and matt.
  • PRIMACRIC 91, 92, 93. They are aliphatic acrylic enamels, with high anticorrosive power and excellent adherence to iron, polished sheet metal, galvanized, zinc and aluminum. It does not need primer so it reduces the painting process in a 50% of the labor time and with an economic cost of product.
  • This product is ideal for its high mechanical and chemical resistance, with good flexibility, elegant finish, with high resistance to solar UV.
  • PRIMACRIC 80. It is a two-component aliphatic acrylic enamel. Specially indicated for very high quality and gloss paints such as cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles and all types of parts or machinery where an excellent finish is required.
  • Primalcoat It is an anti-caloric aluminium enamel product with resistance to 250-300ºC. This product is special because of its high mechanical and chemical resistance, but even more so because it does not stain the piece or the hands when handled. It is used to protect and conceal welding and grinding on galvanized plate. It is high-coverage and fast-drying, used in areas where machinery must withstand high temperatures.

Si lo que estás buscando son productos de máxima calidad que den un nuevo aspecto a tu maquinaria industrial, estos son algunos de los productos que debes utilizar. Si no encuentras en ellos lo que necesitas, deja a continuación tus datos y nosotros te enviaremos todo nuestro catálogo.


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