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The food paint serves to protect food, liquid or solid, from the surfaces where it is stored or with which it comes into contact in the industry or during its preservation process. It is of vital importance to protect food. 

What is food paint?

The food paint is all paint or varnish applied for food contactbeverages, either directly or indirectly. It is subject to a specific type of regulation to protect food quality and consumer health.

Paint can become toxic in its usual version. For this reason, food-grade paint is manufactured, which does not contain toxic elements, in no way prejudices the health of those who are in contact with it. At the same time, it is the best way to keep food in the best condition without the paint worsening its quality, taste or smell.

Is this paint suitable for foodstuffs?

It is a paint that can be applied directly on the food or on the surfaces on which the food is kept. Therefore, this type of paints require a ultra fast drying. In addition, it is a type of paint breathable and leaves no odor. 

On the other hand, food paint allows washing, which greatly improves the hygiene of the surface that covers or holds the food. Therefore, food-grade paint is a great choice for maintain the 100% of food properties and quality

Food epoxy paint: what does epoxy mean?

The pintura alimentaria epoxi es un recubrimiento especialmente indicado para el pintado de superficies que deban estar en contacto directo con productos o fluidos alimenticios como: agua, grasas, aceites, zumos, vino, cereales, etc. Se puede utilizar para el pintado de depósitos, cisternas, tanques… Da igual que estén fabricados en hormigón o hierro. 

Además, por su alta resistencia a la abrasión se puede utilizar para conductos, transportadores sinfín, cangilones, etc. El recubrimiento epoxi con aducto de amina es apto para tener contacto directo con fluidos que tengan un contenido en alcohol por debajo del 45%. Además, tiene una óptima resistencia química al agua, ácido sulfúrico (3%), ácido clorhídrico (10%), ácido fosfórico (10%), sopa cáustica (25%), amoniaco (30%), hipoclorito sódico (10%), cloruro sódico (20%), alcohol isopropílico, queroseno, gasoil, vinos y cerveza. 

En Lecker’s fabricamos la pintura epoxi en tres colores: blanco, crema y rojo. En cuanto a los formatos, la comercializamos en 6 litros de pintura + 2 litros de catalizador.

Food paint for wood: does it exist?

Food paint for wood exists. There are a multitude of surfaces of different characteristics that must be able to be in contact with food, so each has a different type of food paint. 

Food grade paint for metal

There are metallic places that are in permanent contact with liquids or solid food that should be coated with food epoxy paint, such as food storage tanks. This type of paint is highly resistant and anticorrosive. 

This type of paint is more viscous and thicker and is perfect for direct contact with food. 

Food grade floor paint

Epoxy paint is widely used on floors in places of contact with solid or liquid foodstuffs. It is used for prevent the emergence of microorganisms toxins that worsen the quality of the food. 

In addition, it provides a high resistance and protection to the floor, besides being completely odorless. It is mostly used on food factory floors, as the epoxy paint allows the surface to be waterproof. Contacta con nosotros y asesórate de la mejor manera.

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