Painting treatment on glass for glacée effect

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Painting treatment on glass for glacée effect

If we want to give a glass a glazed lookThe "sanding effect", also known as the "sanding", "acid" or "blasting" effect. To achieve that whitish, almost opaque, translucent appearance, which lets the light through but prevents us from seeing what is on the other side. This type of glass is widely used in office partitions, public and private places, to preserve privacy by preventing us from being seen but allowing light to pass between the different rooms.

The treatment of painting on glass requires an appropriate technique and procedures. This is due to the characteristics of its surface. For being a highly polished surface and free of pores. This makes it difficult for paints and varnishes to adhere.

In Lecker's we provide you with an easy, simple and useful way to apply a painting treatment on glass with glacée effect. Whether it is for an interior or an exterior space, the procedure is the same.

Treatment process on glazed glass

First we must apply a first coat of primer. As we have explained, this is an excessively smooth, polished surface, which makes it difficult for the paints to adhere easily. We will apply PRIMER 1k Vidrios which is a completely transparent primer, which dries quickly, with which we apply a thin layer and thus achieve good adhesion on the glass. With PRIMER 1K Vidrios, which is a completely transparent, quick-drying primer, we will apply a thin layer to achieve good adhesion on glass.

Then apply PRIMACRIC 26 MATT which is the specific product to achieve the glacée effect. With this process we will obtain a good adherence avoiding any kind of peeling.

  • We must wash the glass with water and detergent. The detergent can be any domestic one, it is not necessary that it is a special detergent. Once we have washed the product, we can rinse it with abundant water to eliminate the rest of the detergent. The water must be allowed to drain and dry.
  • Secondly we apply a thin layer of PRIMER 1k GLASS. We will use the product as it comes in the package, when using, without diluting. Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes and repeat this operation by applying a second coat.
  • As a last step we must apply PRIMACRIC 26 MATE. Prepare the mixture as indicated in the technical sheet and apply the first coat. After about 20-30 minutes, apply a second layer and let it dry for 24 hours before you can touch it. From that moment, we will have a glazed glass, elegant and long lasting.
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