Pro-Oxide LK, the perfect product to decorate

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Pro-Oxide LK, the perfect product to decorate

Vintage is in. It is very common to observe how decoration companies provide more and more aged-looking furniture. This furniture has really been made to look like that. If you have furniture that you want to give a change of scenery, the Pro-Oxide LK product is what you need. It gives the surface a vintage, rusty look. It will give the impression that the furniture has been left outside for a long time.

Pro-Oxide LK is a water-based product that is specially formulated to achieve surface oxidation on iron and sheet metal. This product is easy to apply and provides really amazing results in a short period of time. It provides a similar appearance to rusted iron and offers the same appearance as iron that has always been outdoors.

Application of Pro-Oxide LK

This is an efficient and easy-to-implement process. First of all, it is important to degrease the entire surface with Dirt Out, which we will then proceed to oxidize. Once it is clean and dry, we will spray the entire surface with Pro-Oxide. We have to let the surface dry. As it dries we will see a surface layer of rust begin to appear. If the layer does not look as desired, you can repeat the process as many times as you like.

Once we have the surface we want, we must rinse the surface with abundant water to eliminate the action of oxidation. We must let it dry to avoid any possible problem.

When it is dry we can proceed to apply the varnish Full Protect from Lecker's. This product has anti-grafitti, anti-rust and anti-adhesive protection. This product can be glossy, satin or matt, offering the final result that best suits our tastes and needs.

The end result is a protected surface. It helps to protect the object from vandalism and offers a stylish, durable, fashionable and really special decorative look that will provide the elegant look we are all looking for.

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