Immersion painting: when is it recommended

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Immersion painting: when is it recommended

The painting of parts by immersion is a system that offers a fast result without losing quality in the painting. It is widely used when the part in question does not require any particular type of tool, such as paint guns, brushes or rollers.

Although it is a system that offers a good result, it is recommended to use it when the parts do not have a high level of finishing requirements. It is widely used to paint the nails of excavators, ploughs and castings in general.

How to paint parts by immersion

To be able to paint parts by immersion it is necessary to use a container where the parts to be immersed fit. It is highly recommended to have a support ready to hang the pieces and to drain the remaining paint while it dries. For this reason, we recommend that you paint the pieces by immersion in a suitable place for this purpose. The container should be filled to the necessary height to be able to immerse the piece without it touching the bottom or overflowing with paint.

One of the necessary requirements is to adjust the viscosity of the paint well with a suitable thinner. This is the best way to prevent the paint product from sticking to the bottom end of the part. It may happen that if we exceed the amount of thinner, we lose the paint's covering power and the part's cover does not fit properly.

For all these reasons, it is important to choose the products well and follow the procedure for painting parts by immersion. In order to achieve the most satisfactory result, it is necessary to use two types of products suitable for this painting system. In Lecker's we advise you to use the following ones:

  • Primacric 10. It's a fast-drying synthetic enamel.
  • Primacric 40. This is a super-fast drying nitrosynthetic enamel. This prevents the paint from dripping for too long and makes it easier to fix.
  • In many cases it is also necessary to apply a capa for corrosion protection. For this, we can use the Primacric 10 anti-corrosive. It is an enamel that provides a layer of protection against corrosion caused by bad weather.
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