Highly scratch-resistant enamel

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Highly scratch-resistant enamel

Within the field of industrial paints and in particular, of the finishing enamels we find different degrees of hardness. If we use a single-component enamel such as a synthetic or a chlorine-rubber, the resistance to scratching will be low. If we want to obtain a higher resistance, we must use two-component glazes such as polyurethanes, acrylics or epoxies. These will provide superior protection to conventional coatings.

High strength finishing enamel

When we need superior protection we will use special products such as the Primacric 91This is a product created specifically for this task, which is very hard and offers a great protection against scratches, friction and corrosion.

Creation of a specific enamel with scratch resistance

From Lecker's we have always wanted to offer the best solutions to our customers. Therefore, we attend to the problems and requests and we try to manufacture our own industrial paints with the characteristics that are most demanded.

The situation in which we found ourselves was that some of our customers, manufacturers of heavy machinery and metal constructions, told us that when moving or loading the machines or parts with the loading belts or panties, they were marked and their paint scratched. Logically this was a problem, because after all the work was done, they were in the position of delivering the product with rubbing or scratching. Therefore, a final product that detracted from everything that had been worked on.

For this reason, at Lecker's we have created an enamel high resistance anticorrosive acrylic of great harshness. A glaze with resistance to scratching and frictionIt has a good elasticity, with which a thickness of 200-250 microns can be applied in a fast drying way. This enamel, which we call PRIMACRIC 91It also has an anti-corrosive power of 240 hours of saline mist, so that they do not have to prime. It adheres to difficult surfaces, such as galvanized, aluminum, stainless steel or iron.

It has now become one of our star products, widely used by industrial machinery builders, manufacturers of safes, boilermakers, truck body builders, public works machinery, etc.

There are countless applications where this product is the ideal solution. Can you think of any new ones?

Leave your answers in the comments.  

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