How to treat a surface with corrosion

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How to treat a surface with corrosion

¿With what and how we must try to improve a surface corroded?

In this case we will talk about the corrosion of iron, of steel which is the most common.

Iron is one of the most used metals in most civil constructions, machineryThe company has a wide range of products for the automotive industry, boilermaking, vehicles, and many other applications. It is a very strong, resistant, abundant and economical material, with which all types of work can be done with relative ease.

It has many virtues, but it has the problem that with the oxygen in the air and water it oxidizes and with the passage of time that oxidation becomes corrosion, it deteriorates, it crumbles and ends up losing its resistance, its appearance and in general its properties.

How to treat the corrosive surface in order to improve it

There are different degrees of oxidation and corrosion, let's see how we can treat each of them.

Light, superficial corrosion.

It is when we see that we have an iron piece with rust stains on the surface, with hardly any thickness.

In this case we will proceed to sand the surface with a grit sandpaper 180 o 220by removing as much rust as we can. Then clean the surface with a cloth wet with solvent to remove all traces of rust dust that we have created when sanding.

Then we will apply a coat of anti-corrosion primer to prevent it from rusting again, then we will apply a coat of enamel to waterproof and decorate the piece. 

Choosing the type of primer and finishing enamel will depend on the resistances we want or need for its protection and this in turn will depend on whether it goes outside, if it is near the sea, if it is in a dry or wet place, etc. In Lecker's we can guide the right product for all kind of anti-corrosive protection systems.

This is all about the first part, in the next article we will deal with others corrosion treatments.

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