What ultraviolet varnishes are for

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What ultraviolet varnishes are for

Whether you have an industrial workshop or a car workshop, paint is one of the products that should not be missing from your warehouse. Varnishes are used to protect the parts and maintain their original appearance. It is applied over the paint, creating a transparent protective layer, depending on which one we choose. It provides a much more professional finish and helps to protect the piece against different external agents such as ultraviolet rays or scratches.

It is a transparent protective layer that enhances the finish of the piece while offering extra protection. Let's see how many types of varnishes there are and what each one is for!

Types of varnishes: protection and improvement of the finish

If you are thinking that you need a varnish, take a look at the products we have at Lecker's. We offer you the highest quality, protection and finish so you don't have problems with your cars or industrial parts.

  • UHS V.O.C. acrylic varnish Ultra High solid. This is a type of varnish that has a high concentration of solids. It is a UHS acrylic varnish. This means that it has a high solids content. It is special for car refinishing. V.O.C < 420 g/l, with high UV resistance, fast drying, good extensibility, excellent gloss and high hardness. The fact that it has more solids is an indication of the quality of the varnish. The more solid it is, the higher the quality and the higher the UV resistance. Its high protection prevents the UV rays from yellowing the varnish.
  • HS antiscratch acrylic varnish. High solid content acrylic varnish with anti-scratch protection. This is its greatest peculiarity. It prevents the varnish layer from being easily scratched. Special for car refinishing with high resistance to UV rays, fast drying, good extensibility and great hardness - perfect for maximum protection!
  • Primacric 26 acrylic. Colourless varnish, satin or matt, with direct adhesion to metals. It is a two-component product with a silky appearance (soft to the touch). Ideal for varnishing metals, leaving the natural appearance of the metal underneath visible. It is used to paint industrial parts. Does not bleach. High transparency. Good hardness and elasticity, perfect for parts with a lot of movement.
  • Primacric 90 transparent. Colourless, satin or gloss varnish with direct adhesion to metals. Two-component. It is a perfect varnish for covering metals, as it reveals their natural appearance. It does not bleach and has a high transparency. Good hardness and elasticity.

The first thing you should do when choosing the varnish you need is to analyse whether you need it for cars or for industrial environments. Then, just look at the specifications. In Lecker's we can help you to choose the most suitable product for your needs.

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