Treatment method for painting glass

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Treatment method for painting glass

If you're thinking of painting glassIn order to ensure that the system is effective, it is necessary to apply a precise technique and procedures. Glass is a highly polished, non-porous surface. This makes the paints not adhere properly.

Nowadays, it is common to paint glass with some types of epoxies. Epoxy paints produce very good results, although they also have good interior and exterior resistance. The downside of this type of paint is that it tends to chalky and yellow.

Quality product for painting glass

In Leckers we offer an alternative to these painting methods which are not the most effective. The primer FIRST 1k GLASS could be the most useful, effective and easy-to-apply product for painting glass. Whether for interior or exterior use.

PRIMER 1k GLASS is a completely transparent primer. It is fast drying and by applying only a thin layer on the glass you can achieve a splendid adhesion. This allows you to cover this primer with any type of finishing enamel, so you can be completely sure that the paint will adhere correctly and that the paint will not end up jumping or peeling.

Glass painting process

Like any other surface, painting glass requires a process:

  • First we must wash the glass with water and detergent. It is not necessary to use a special product. It can be done in a domestic dishwasher. In other words, it can be washed with detergent. Once the glass is well washed, we rinse it with plenty of water to remove the rest of the detergent. Let the water drain off and dry.
  • When the glass is dry, we apply a thin layer of PRIMER 1K GLASS, as it comes from the container, to the use, without dilution. Allow to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. This operation can be repeated by applying a second coat.
  • Now we are assured of good adhesion to the glass. It is time to start painting with the enamel we have chosen. At Lecker's we recommend using a product of the highest quality. For example, we have the PRIMACRIC 20 or PRIMACRIC 80. Both are an aliphatic polyurethane and a two-component acrylic, very resistant to the outside, to solar ultraviolet rays. All this makes for a top quality finish.
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