Treatment and process for painting on chrome

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Treatment and process for painting on chrome

Painting on chrome requires following a specific procedure and using a specific technique. Chrome plating has a highly polished, pore-free surface, so it is not usually possible for the paint to adhere to it. In order to paint on chrome with good results, in Lecker's we propose a practical and easy application alternative, either for indoor or outdoor use.

The first thing we have to do is apply the primer FIRST 1K METAL. This primer is totally transparent and fast drying. By applying a thin layer on the chrome we obtain an exceptional adhesion. Once the primer has dried, the finish can be applied. PRIMER 1k METALS allows you to use any type of finishing enamel with the total security that we will obtain a correct adherence, avoiding that the paint jumps and comes off.

Treatment process for painting chrome

To paint over chrome it is necessary to follow a proper treatment process that allows us to obtain a good adherence.

First we will degrease the surface with DIRT OUT LECKER'S degreaser a couple of times in a row.

Then proceed to apply a thin layer of the product Primer 1k Metals. The product comes to the use and is applied as it comes in the package without the need to dilute. Allow to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat the operation by applying a second layer.

Once it is dry, we will have the adhesion assured and we can proceed to paint on the chrome surface with total security. Any enamel we choose can be applied. In Lecker's we recommend you to use a Primacric 20 or Primacric 80. These products are aliphatic polyurethane and a two-component acrylic with a high resistance to outdoor conditions and solar ultraviolet rays. It provides an exceptional finish.

It is very important to remember that to obtain 100% adhesion when painting with this process on chrome, we must wait a minimum of 7 days from its application.

1k Metals Primer also offers good adhesion on galvanized, aluminum, polished sheet metal, stainless steel, mirror polished stainless steel, zamak, copper and bronze. It is not necessary or advisable to sand the chrome surface as it does not improve adhesion.

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