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How to paint plastics

Painting plastics can be as simple or as complicated as painting any other surface. That is, just because it is a plastic, it does not have to be an easier or more difficult task when it comes to painting. What it does you have to take into account is the type of plastic we're going to paint.

Characteristics of plastic: basics for knowing how to paint

Every Plastic is made from a certain polymer. Each one has its name, and is assigned a series of acronyms to call it by its abbreviation. For example, a very common plastic used in the automotive industry is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. The acronym for it is ABS, although it is also commonly called anti-shock. This plastic is used to make mudguards, motorcycle cases, fairings, etc.

However, plastics are also manufactured in which different polymers are mixed. Even within these mixtures we can find different percentages among these polymers or together with other recovery plastics. All this is important to know when it comes to painting plastics. To obtain good results and paint a plastic correctly, it is it is essential to know first what type of plastic or mixture of them we have in front of us.

Needs to know how to paint plastics

Although having to identify the type of plastic, which polymer has been used, etc., may make the task difficult, it is very important to ensure that it is done correctly. The paint with which the plastic is to be painted must ensure good adhesion to the plastic, and this is one of the key factors. In fact, there are plastics that, directly, cannot be painted due to their characteristics.

Once defined how we're going to paint a plastic, depending on its characteristics we will use a type of paint that adheres directly. On other occasions it is likely that the plastic will have to be flamed to break up its surface structure and create a roughness first, so that the paint adheres well.

Other types of plastic require a certain amount of degreasing before they can be painted. In addition, the degreasers used cannot attack or damage their surface. Some plastics need to be sanded before they can be painted, and some even require a primer to create a good anchorage base for painting.

For all these reasons, when considering how to paint plastics it is very important to turn to professionals. At Lecker's we have developed a wide range of products for painting plastics used in many sectors. We have extensive experience in this type of product, and we know the plastic mixtures and paint to be used. Even so, we always advise to make tests before each painting. Consult us every case without obligation.

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