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Stain-repellent paints: urine repellent products

Stain-repellent paints are the most sought-after and best-selling products on the market, especially urine-repellent products. They are used by companies, establishments and neighbourhood communities. This is because they have a special component that turns stain-repellent paints into urine repellents. In [...]

Anti-graffiti paint: the best protection for street furniture

One of the most successful products is the anti-graffiti paint. It seems to be fashionable to paint garbage cans, garage doors or any surface... This usually means a cost for the owner. A garbage container can cost between 300 and 800 euros. Keeping it in good condition [...]

What happens if the bases of the streetlights rust?

Over the years, urban furniture has to cope with high and low temperatures, rain, snow, wet environment, dry environment, salinity... This is totally uncontrollable, urban furniture exposed to the outside must resist, as we cannot handle the weather circumstances. However, the urine of animals (and people) is [...]

Protection of urban furniture: urban protection range

When setting up street furniture in the city, it is important to take into account several characteristics. It is not the same to put a metal bench in Madrid, where the atmosphere is drier, than on the coast, where there is a high level of salt and humidity in the air. These factors mean that [...]

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