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Anti-corrosion paints: what are their composition and properties

Metal structures and installations that are outdoors need to be protected with anti-corrosion paints, as they are exposed to the elements, environmental humidity, rain, snow, marine salinity in coastal areas, etc. Therefore, they are exposed to corrosion. For [...]

Stain-repellent paints: urine repellent products

Stain-repellent paints are the most sought-after and best-selling products on the market, especially urine-repellent products. They are used by companies, establishments and neighbourhood communities. This is because they have a special component that turns stain-repellent paints into urine repellents. In [...]

Anti-corrosion paints: what they are and how I can use them

The metallic elements are usually made of iron or steel. This is because it is a fairly resistant, strong and economical material. However, in spite of all the advantages it can provide, this type of element has a rather large counterweight: its ease of corrosion. When the metal enters [...]

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