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Anti-corrosion paints: what are their composition and properties

Metal structures and installations that are outdoors need to be protected with anti-corrosion paints, as they are exposed to the elements, environmental humidity, rain, snow, marine salinity in coastal areas, etc. Therefore, they are exposed to corrosion. For [...]

Industrial paint for agricultural machinery: the products you need

The agricultural sector is an area where specific machinery is more susceptible to bad weather. Agricultural machinery is often subject to friction and impact from the earth, stones, logs... In addition, it is normal for them to be exposed to long hours of bad weather [...]

Painting on galvanized steel: advantages and method of application

When painting galvanized steel, specific products must be used to provide the best resistance, durability and adherence. Galvanized steel is a ferrous metal that is covered by a layer of zinc. This has been placed with different chemical processes. The idea is that the [...]

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