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Common paint effects and how to fix them

There are several effects of paints that occur when they are used, stored or reused. Many of these effects can be solved in a simple way. Here is some advice on how to solve some of them: Thickening of paints and enamels When we have a very thick paint we must prepare it to be able to use it. Causes: Part of the paint has evaporated [...]

Food-grade paint: characteristics and uses

When you hear about food-grade paint, several doubts about its use or characteristics often arise. Obviously we are not talking about a type of paint that you eat, or anything like that. However, food-grade paint is very important in certain places. It is designed to be able to paint aseptic installations, [...]

Touch up spray

Sprays have become a very popular product over the last ten years. Industrial paint professionals themselves recognise that a spray can make many jobs easier. In particular, they claim that the touch-up spray is a practical, convenient and effective solution. For painting to go over some jobs, the spray is [...]

How to make a mirror

Do you want to make your own home mirror? Do you think a mirror can only be bought? Do you want to learn how to make something different? Do you want to know how to make a mirror? We will tell you the step by step below. Materials and step by step To make a mirror we will need a transparent and shiny glass. The size of the glass is [...]

Anti-heat paint on iron or steel: how it is treated

Iron or steel structures or metal parts that are going to be exposed to high temperatures, must be treated with antiheat paint. The application of this type of paint helps to protect the parts and prevent them from deteriorating. To protect iron and steel surfaces when exposed to very high temperatures, [...]

How to treat a surface with corrosion

What and how should we treat to improve a corroded surface? In this case we will talk about the corrosion of iron, the most common steel. Iron is one of the most commonly used metals in most civil constructions, machinery, boilermaking, vehicles, and countless other applications. It is a material [...]

How to paint plastics

Painting plastics can be as simple or as complicated as painting any other surface. That is, just because it is a plastic, it does not have to be an easier or more difficult task when it comes to painting. What you do have to take into account is the type of [...]

Highly scratch-resistant enamel

Within the field of industrial paints and in particular, finishing enamels, we find different degrees of hardness. If we use a single-component enamel such as a synthetic or a chlorinated rubber, the resistance to scratching will be low. If we want to obtain a higher resistance we should use two-component glazes such as [...]

Immersion painting: when is it recommended

The painting of parts by immersion is a system that offers a fast result without losing quality in the painting. It is widely used when the part in question does not require any particular type of tool, such as paint guns, brushes or rollers. […]

Painting treatment on glass for glacée effect

If we want to give a glass a glazed look, also known as frosted effect, to acid or sandblasted. To achieve that whitish, almost opaque, translucent appearance, which lets the light through but prevents us from seeing what is on the other side. This type of glass is widely used in office partitions, public places [...]



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